Safety Warning - Opsal Steel

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Safety Warning

All sales by the company and all acceptances of orders or offers are expressly subject to the following additional terms of sale.
The products sold by the company are in general, items to be used in a tension or pull manner, so caution must be exercised so that the product is not subjected to a side loading that will cause an additional or unintended loading. All metal products, whether sold new or returned for treatment by the company are subject to wear, misuse, overloading corrosion, deformation, intentional alteration, fatigue and other usage factors which may reduce the safe working capacity of the products.

All items must be regularly inspected for:

    • Marks, nicks, gouges, cracks, and excessive linewear.
    • Wear, especially excessive wear at bearing points, threads, sheaves and block sides.
    • Twists or bends.
    • Stretching or distortion.
    • Unauthorized welding, cutting or general heat application.
    • Opening or stretching of hooks and shackles.
    • Loose or worn retaining latches on hooks.
    • Mushroomed striking faces on hammers, and splitting items.

These conditions must be resolved (tested, repaired or replaced) before the items are put back into service.

In addition, all metal products need periodic maintenance and treatment to maintain operating capacity and tolerances. When items are questionable, they may be returned to the company for inspection and treatment at a reasonable cost.
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